Seasonal rentals

This type of rental basically differs from the tourist one in that the minimum stay is 1 month, so it is not rented daily.

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Changes in regulations related to tourist rentals does not affect it, since it is regulated as a different type of rental.

This type of rental is of interest to owners that do not want to commit to a five-year lease or who wish to enjoy their property in the city for a number of weeks a year.

Here at Place Your Place we provide the following services for this type, which can be defined as comprehensive management without the owner having to worry about anything.

  1. Publication of profiles on seasonal rental platforms
  2. Establishing a consumption limit of €120 for supplies, the excess paid by the tenant
  3. Acceptance of the reservation requests
  4. Covering the rent of the guests
  5. Signing the seasonal lease in the owner’s name
  6. Management of the security deposit
  7. Check up on the state of the property at the end of the contract
  8. Return of the security deposit
  9. Thorough cleaning of the property, including laundry in order to leave the house perfect for the next tenants

Our fees are 20% VAT included in the management of the seasonal rentals.

The average rent in the city of Valencia is €1800/month for a two-bedroom apartment, living room, kitchen and bathroom.

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